Atlantis Whelping Box

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Benefits of Marine Seaboard:

Excellent scratch resistance
Great impact and stiffness
Weatherability (UV stabilized)
Will not delaminate, chip, rot, or swell
No moisture absorption
Gloss finish
Easy to clean

Benefits of Atlantis Whelping Box:

Strong, sturdy, and safe

No bolts, nuts, velcro, metal, or screws

No tools required
Can be pressure washed for thorough cleanup

Will not weaken with use

Custom sizes available

Stores flat

Designed and manufactured by dog people

Introducing the Atlantis Whelping Box, a premium quality, heavy duty whelping box that can be set up with no tools in less than 3 minutes. The hook and slot construction coupled with 1/2" Seaboard marine grade HDPE plastic is sturdy and hygienic. Easily cleaned and disinfected, the panels can be pressure washed for complete cleanup. Can be used with and without the pig rail.

Breeders will appreciate the flat storage of the panels between litters. Optional handles can be cut into each wall panel for even easier handling. 

Standard size: 46 1/4" outside diameter, 44" inside diameter, 20" tall, 4" pig rail set 4 1/2" from floor. Custom sizes on request. 

Introductory pricing:

Box with 4 walls, 4 pig rails, and 4 door segments  $450

Optional Floor: 2 piece, tongue and groove seam with slot for walls.  $150

Shipping ~$100, call for quote. Box only 72 lbs, with floor 108 lbs. 

Need something custom sized? Ask us for a quote. 724-344-6468